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Lavender Cart

Serving customers for over 75 years


About Us

The Lavender Cart was founded by Stan Artman in the 1940s. It was passed down to his niece, Sheryl Rawlings who continues to run the shop to this day. The Lavender Cart is most famously known for its booth at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). We sell lavender buds, scented oils, lotions, sprays, and scented wooden roses.

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Our Lavender

Grown in France

French lavender has a much stronger aroma and lasts much longer.

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Infused with oil to give an even stronger scent.


Packaged last minute to ensure the buds are as fresh as possible.


Our wooden roses come in several different colors and come with 4 possible fragrances. The fragrance lasts over a year making the roses perfect for decor.

Wooden Roses


Click the icon below to follow our Facebook and Tiktok to keep up to date with all of our upcoming events. Come visit us at the CNE or Markham fair to get some fresh lavender or wooden roses.

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Lavender Flower Field

Shop Lavender

lavender bags

$8 per bag

$20 for 3

lavender baskets

$8 per basket

$20 for 3

culinary lavender

$8 per jar

$2.50 per sachet

$8 for 4

lavender sachets

lavender lotion

lemongrass and lavender lotion

love spell linen spray

lavender linen spray

lemongrass and lavender linen spray

love spell lotion

$12 per bottle

$30 for 3 bottles

Shop Lotionsand Sprays

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Shop FrangranceOils

Frangrance Oil

$10 per bottle

$25 for 3 bottles

choose a fragrance

baby powder

french vanilla

peach cobbler

black cherry

fruit slices



china rain



pina colada

cinnamon red hots


rain forest

romantic musk




dragons blood



Egyptian musk


sex on the beach


love spell

forest rain

monkey farts

sweet patchouli

forever rose


Shop Wooden Roses


Individually wrapped or wrapped together

$2 per rose + free fragrance on rose

Bud Vases

Can stand up and stick to walls



A dozen roses

$15 per dozen


Small pots with 8 flowers

$12 per centerpiece

$30 for 3

Several colours to pick from

For information about flowers for larger events please contact us at thelavendercart@hotmail.com

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How it works

You fill out a form with your order, your shipping information, and your payment information.You can choose between entering your card information or e-transfer. Upon payment, we email a receipt and ship your order.

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Contact us at thelavendercart@hotmail.com